Zoryan Pikh

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Zoryan Pikh
Vice-rector for Research
Birth date June 25, 1950
Birth place Gorodok town, Lviv region, Ukraine
Alma mater Lviv Polytechnic Institute
Graduated 1972
Specialty Faculty of Organic substances technology

Zoryan Pikh - Vice-rector for Research, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor of Lviv Polytechnic National University.


Zoryan Pikh was born on June 25, 1950 in Gorodok, Lviv region, Ukraine.

He began scientific activity in 1972, after graduating with honors from the Faculty of Organic substances technology at Lviv Polytechnic Institute.In 1978 he defended his Ph.D. thesis on 02.00.03 Organic Chemistry " Higher acrolein oxidation by oxygen and peroxides" and in 1994 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Selective oxidation of unsaturated compounds."

In 1995 he was given the rank of Professor.

Scince 2007 - Vice-rector for Research of Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Scientific work

Zoryan Pikh is a recognized expert in the field of kinetics and mechanisms of oxidation of organic compounds reactions, mathematical description of the research methodology of complex chemical reactions and processes. On the basis of systematic research he formulated and substantiated the concept of interconnection mechanisms of organic compounds oxidation by various oxidants.

Zoryan Pikh concentrates his attention on working with "combined process" directed to be used as raw material compound mixtures of different structure and a mixture of monomers and oligomers.

8 PhD theses were defended under his supervision.

Zoryan Pikh is a Chair of Organic products technology department which offers a Bachelors and Masters of "Organic technologies" and "Fermentation and Wine making technology" and trains graduate students of specialty "Organic Synthesis technologies" and "Sugars and fermentation products technology".

There are scientific research made by Department of Organic products technology:

  • theoretical basics of creating highly effective catalytic systems and processes for selective transformations of organic compounds to produce monomers and polymers,
  • development of scientific and theoretical foundations of biotechnological processes and methods intensification of fermentation and efficient use of food technologies.

The department successfully developed research patterns and processes of liquid-phase heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of organic compounds, processes of oxidative dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons, oxidative olefin ammonolysis, skilled use of olefin mixtures to produce monomers and oligomers, get plasticizers based on mixtures of alcohols and mixtures of lower dicarboxylic acids, research in the field of biotechnology food and technical products (used to increase the conversion of raw materials in fermentation processes, the use of highly efficient enzymes, optimization of fermentation process of starch raw materials, supply of substrates microbiological purity).

Zorian Pikh is a chairman of the specialized academic council for thesis defense, a member of the advisory council of the SAC Ukraine Food Technology, the member of the Coordination Council of Scientific and Educational Centre with the rights of the target preparation department of the National University "Lviv Polytechnic" and Western Scientific Center of NAS of Ukraine, the member of the editorial boards of three scientific journals .

The creative legacy by Professor Zoryan Pikh includes 107 scientific papers, 95 reports at scientific conferences, 13 patents.


Professor Zoryan Pikh is an author of a textbook and four manuals, such as:

  • Pikh Z.H. Theory of Chemical Processes of Organic Synthesis;
  • Rudavskyy Y.K., Mokryy Y.M., Pikh Z.H., Kurylyak I. J., Chyp M.M. Mathematical Methods in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Theory of Chemical processes;
  • Zhyznevskyy V.M, Pikh Z.H. Catalysis. Theoretical Basis and Practical Use;
  • Melnyk S.R., Melnyk Y.R., Pikh Z.H. Design and Calculation Processes of Organic Synthesis.

Manuals and textbooks provide teaching of basic disciplines of the specialty " Organic products technology" based on the same methodological platform and form a modern system of knowledge and focus on the systematic use of mathematical methods and procedures of mathematical modeling in the study and description of chemical reactions.


2001, 2007 - Breastplate “Honoured Worker of Education of Ukraine”;

2009 - Diploma of honour of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine