Orest Horbay

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Orest Horbay
Birth date 26 of September 1960
Nationality Ukrainian
Alma mater Lviv Polytechnic National University
Current position Lviv Polytechnic National University, head of the Automotive Engineering Department.

Orest Horbay - Associate Professor, Dr. of Sc., head of the Automotive Engineering Department Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport Lviv Polytechnic National University..

General Information

Was born 26 of September 1960.

Head of private enterprise PRYMULA (Lviv).

Educational work

Holds the following subjects::

  • Vehicles and tractors construction
  • Experimental investigations of wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Applied theory of vehicle

Research interests

  • Calculation of bus body with low entrance

Last publications:

  1. O. Horbay, V. Kogut PASSIVE SAFETY OF BUS PASSENGER SEATS. Interuniversity collection “Naukovi Notatky” – 2014. – 45 - p.288–294.
  2. O. Horbay PASSIVE AND TRAUMATIC SAFETY OF PASSENGER TRANSPORT. Materials VI International Scientific Practical Conference “Modern Technologies And Prospects Of Development Of Motor Transport”. Vinnytsia. – 2015. – p.73-75.
  3. O. Horbay, K. Golenko EVALUATION OF EFFICIENCY OF MODULAR SECTIONS FOR LOW-ENTRY BUS BODY. Visnyk of Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University - 2016. –75 – p. 68–74.
  4. O. Horbay, I. Kernytskyy EVALUATION THE CNG CITY BUS EQUIPMENT A STANDARD REQUIREMENTS. Visnyk of National Transport University - 2016.- 1(34) - p.105-113.


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